Tia’s first book, The Void Between Stars, published independently in 2017, is currently now out of print. It was a collection of short stories written over the course of a year, with each story built from a different challenge. The Red Journal, a fluffy contemporary romance, was one of their works that followed shortly after.

Turning to horror, they also published a gothic short called 6 Westwood Drive. Their most recently published work is an ebook collection about death, dying, and staying dead, called Staying Dead: Flash Fiction.

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Selling personal writing and flash fiction in the form of zines, Tia is also known in the community as Milo. Joyous, a collection of queer flash fiction, and Dead Name, a longer flash fiction story, are available on their ko-fi shop now.

Out now is Nonbinary Bleeder, a collection of personal essays about menstruation, Control the Flow, a single-page zine about menstrual items, and Full Moon Phase, a short work about a menstruating werewolf. These were released digitally for Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th.


Tia has dipped their toes into different types of game development as Hydromer on Working with Twine, Ink, Bitsy, or something else, they don’t have much of a preference of an engine and has experience with the programming language Python. Starting with Reminiscent of the Past, released online for the ‘Fall Rainbow Jam’ in 2016, they’ve been hooked since. Their most recent release, Howl, is a short Ink-game about werewolf menstruation, submitted for the ‘Go With The Flow: A Period Game Jam’.

Other notable things they’ve made is an 18+ 3-person LARP about consent, fear, and desire, POSSESSION, and the TTRPG Rooted in Trophy, WELCOME TO LUCCI CASTLE.

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