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What is it?

a picture of a planet with a star rising behind it. Superimposed on the top left is text that reads: "Sigillea: Tia Liet"

Sig; Life. Ils; Death. Lea; Continuation.

Sigillea; The world.

A planet seeded long ago, Sigillea herself is alive. She creates All… And it’s all coming down around her. Follow Thaide, Risten, Sciphe, and Chevaw as they try to reset space-time to save their planet Sigillea- and all life created by Her.

Sigillea is a hybrid Sci-fi/Fantasy adventure. There are 3 planned parts, and the world building is still currently ongoing. It explores themes of found family, trauma, heroism, etc.

Stories set in Sigillea

These stories are free to read and are set within the continuum of the main storyline.

Silver and Topaz (2018)

Sheo and Chevaw help Eslafi prepare for a special occasion

Walking Between Waters (2018)

(TW: Violence) Emilod finds himself with a choice

The Moment (2018)

(TW: Assault) Time lingers before an attack

Manipulated (2019)

(TW: Child abuse, violence, child slavery) Mytra endures the attentions of their aedir after training

Prince of the Sea (2019)

(TW: Transphobia, manipulation, misgendering) Emilod’s discussion with his parents doesn’t go as planned