Opposing Magics

Opposing Magics

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A New Adult Urban Fantasy Book

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Lily was just hoping to spend a weekend in the Rocky Mountains with her friends. When Taylor drops Lily and Kayli off ahead of the others, plans go awry. Suddenly, Lily finds herself with new powers – and Kayli at her throat. The worst part? Kayli isn’t the one she needs to worry about …

When you find “The One,” there’s bound to be sparks that fly! But what if that was taken quite literally… And you gained magic when you and your soul mate touched? Lily Martin and Kayli Latka find out the hard way that life throws things your way that you can’t always explain. Like the strange rolling waves of magic that seep through their skin. Or the strange message that makes Kayli attack Lily. Or the old man that’s been following them around…

Opposing Magics explores the themes of soulmates and magic, betrayal and trust, and building relationships.

Currently in it’s drafting phase.

Character Introductions

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