Upcoming Rewards For February 2020

Upcoming Rewards For February 2020

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February 2020

Patreon will see a few more rewards happening in February along the same vein as January. February will see Moonstone Part 2 and a review!


Black stones with a white stone with scratches to the bottom left, the word "Moonstone" superimposed.

This time around, it’s 150 words about Sonbri returning the object she procured. However, something doesn’t quite go as planned…

This continuation brings the word count to 300.

For as little as $1 dollar on Patreon, you can read it as it unfolds!


For February, I’ll be re-reading and reviewing Darkling by Brooklyn Ray as part of my Patron rewards. It’s got erotic content, and I do advise readers with sensitivity to death, blood, animals dying, and resurrection to contemplate if this is a good book for you.

From Ninestar Press:

Port Lewis, a coastal town perched on the Washington cliffs, is surrounded by dense woods, and is home to quaint coffee shops, a movie theater, a few bars, two churches, the local college, and witches, of course.

Ryder is a witch with two secrets—one about his blood and the other about his heart. Keeping the secrets hasn’t been a problem, until a tarot reading with his best friend, Liam Montgomery, who happens to be one of his secrets, starts a chain of events that can’t be undone.

Dark magic runs through Ryder’s veins. The cards have prophesized a magical catastrophe that could shake the foundation of Ryder’s life, and a vicious partnership with the one person he doesn’t want to risk.

Magic and secrets both come at a cost, and Ryder must figure out what he’s willing to pay to become who he truly is.

Darkling (Port Lewis Witches #1) by Brooklyn Ray

One note I want to make: I do also have the paperback copy that contains part #2, but I won’t be reviewing it this time around.

Opposing Magics

Right now, the project is hovering at 7,000 words. I struggled with finding the time to write this month, but I did plug away at it when I could. There was some brutal decisions made about some minor characters being cut, so some words disappeared, too.

Alas! That’s the job of a writer, though!

As always, you can find information about Opposing Magics here, and if you’re a Patron, here.

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