Upcoming Patreon 2020 Rewards

Upcoming Patreon 2020 Rewards

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Rewards for January

This January will be seeing just a few things on Patreon. I hope y’all are excited, because this year I plan on releasing some things as rewards. For as little as $1, you can gain access to these things!


The very first 150-word section of Moonstone will be coming out every last Wednesday of each month. Moonstone is an experimental fantasy short about Sonbri Braar, a thief, trying to sell the old stone they stole.

Stealing an artifact is easy enough. However, Sonbri finds some unexpected trouble trying to sell the old magical item.

Each section of the story is 150 words, and stitch together to form a larger narrative. Sonbri Braar, the narrator, is nonbinary.


However, before all that will be a short review of California Skies by Ennis Bashe, released to Patrons on January 24th and everywhere else on the 31st. From Amazon.ca, the synopsis is:

Bandits came looking for the legendary emeralds belonging to Maggie’s family, killing her older brother and scarring her face. She can’t change the past, but finding the jewels will help her injured sister recover. In need of reliable muscle, she goes to an old friend of her brother’s: tough-as-nails nonbinary bounty hunter California Talbot.

While Maggie expected hard roads and violence, given the tragedy that provoked the journey, she wasn’t expecting the bar fights, snakes, and bandits to be the easy part—and the difficult part to be a growing attraction to someone who’d surely never love her in return.

What I’m Working on

As for what I’m currently working on, Opposing Magics is what’s got my attention right now. It’s a New Adult Urban Fantasy novel/la about Soulmates and magic. Notes for the characters will become available to read for all Patrons later today. I’m just really excited to start working on this project properly again. It’s been in the works since 2011, so it’s a bit of my baby. I hope y’all like it! You can read a little bit about the characters here if you’re curious now, too.

Currently it sits at 6,000/40,000 words. I started writing it in November for NaNoWriMo, but a lot of life got in the way and I had to put it down halfway through the month and for all of December. Now that the holidays are over, though, I’m ready for more work!

See y’all soon!

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