The Red Journal Re-Release

THE RED JOURNAL is a contemporary sapphic romance novelette. It’s got a birthday coming up in a few days! So! It will be re-released with the new cover on June 1st! (Which is also the start of Pride Month!)

TRJ features:

Cis f/f (sapphic, wlw)
Lesbian and bisexual main characters
Journal entries that tell a love story
A healing journey

CW for mentions of past abuse and alcoholism

If you want to snap up some of the old covers:

If you want to grab the old PDF:

Mx. Tia Liet is a white, disabled, mentally ill, queer, nonbinary trans person. They are an adult that writes Speculative Fiction and sometimes Romance, with queer twists. Their first book, The Void Between Stars, published in 2017. Since then, they’ve published Folktales, The Red Journal, and other various flash fiction pieces.

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