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ASH by Tia Liet | Hydromer

a blue-toned photo of the ocean floor from below with text superimposed that reads "ASH: Interactive Flash Fiction" at the top and "Tia Liet | Hydromer" at the bottom right.

An Interactive Flash Fiction piece for #MerMay (and as a distraction during self-isolation), originally a series of Twitter Flash Fiction tweets; now Interactive Fiction!

About 1000 words, with two slightly different routes.

“Sialla must find the source of The Deadening Zone.”

You can play this Twine game by clicking the button below or by visiting my page.

REMINISCENT OF THE PAST by Tia Liet | Hydromer

You wake up one day to the sound of alarm bells from the nearby Celeste. A hole has opened up and there are monsters pouring out! With the help of an ex-girlfriend, will you be able to defeat the Big Bad at the end?

You can download and play this RPGMaker game on my page.

YOU’RE A TREE by Tia Liet | Hydromer

You’re a Tree. Are you an Inner city Cherry tree, prone to Ants? Or a Farm Maple tree, under attack by Lumberjacks? Maybe you’re an Old Forest Oak, battling Beetles?

You only need a single d6 to play, and your imagination. If you want to write your rolls down, you may need a piece of paper and a pen.

You can download this TTRPG game on my page.