A Slippery Slope

A Slippery Slope

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The first thing he noticed was the slime. It was everywhere; on the bed, the floor, the walls, the curtains, and even the ceiling. How it had gotten there was a mystery. It was thick and gelatinous and green. The room had been pretty regal before the slime had been introduced. It was cushy and had good furniture, but it was in a bad part of town. Had the man known that this part of town was plagued by monster attacks, he would not have booked the hotel room he had.

Doing what any person might do, the man turned and ran. He wasn’t a particularly striking or athletic man. He lived alone and kept to himself, working away at a nine-to-five job that paid his bills and occasionally going out with friends from college. There wasn’t anything spectacular about him, his clothes were simply a plain blue button-down, black tie, and black pants. His name was even as plain as it got; it was John A. Smith. The A. stood for a middle name that he didn’t actually like very much, and so he preferred not to say it.

John didn’t get very far before his escape from his rented room was cut short. A figure blocked his way, shadow stretched out tall and ominously against the grey walls of the hotel. He skid to a halt, slipping on some rogue slime. It was even in the hallway!

The figure’s shadow loomed over him as the faint sound of dripping caught John’s attention. Scrambling to his feet and turning his back on the darkness, ready to run again, he saw the source of the slime. She was short and beautiful and chubby. Her barely-clothed transparent body was covered with thick green gelatinous goo that dripped to the ground all around her. Shaking her head with a sticky-sounding laugh that threw slime against the walls from her long strands of thick jelly-hair, she approached John slowly. Backing away, he swallowed thickly.

He halted as the click-clacking of claws against hardwood and the faint smell of sulphur crept up behind him, the hairs on his neck standing straight up. He knew before he turned around that he was going to see a demon. Demons weren’t all that uncommon nowadays, but you always knew they were near because of the sulphur. When he turned, slow and stiff, there she was.

She was tall and hulking and dangerous. Horns twisted up and away from her skull like spires, all six of them, and her claws were black and razor sharp. Her eyes were milky white and her skin was the colour of blood and rust. There was no need for her to be clothed, as most demons chose to wander about in the nude, but she wore a semblance of clothing all the same; a black wrap across her chest and a draping loincloth covering up what she had heard human folk found most interesting. She laughed when the human man turned around, reaching forward to stroke his face. Her claws raked his skin for just a moment before she leaned in, mouth full of razor teeth pulled back in a smile.

“Are you scared?”

John nodded, knowing this was the end for him. No one met a demon and lived, he knew he was no exception. Trembling and wide-eyed, hands balled at his sides, the scared human man stood stalk still as the demon circled him. She drew her clawed fingers against his shaking shoulders as she passed behind him, earning a terrified whimper.

The demon paused only looked around the human. One nod from the beautiful slime lady was all she needed.

“I will make this quick for you,” she muttered, honouring the wishes of her girlfriend. Sally, the woman covered in slime, did not approve of torturing their human food before eating it. She did make it quick, and John didn’t feel much as his head separated from his body with one hard twist. Tossing his head to her girlfriend, Leki, the demon woman, sighed. “I don’t know why you pity them so much. Their lives are so short and so violent.”

Sally giggled, catching the head with ease and tossing it between her oozing hands as she answered, “Well, that’s precisely why I pity them. Their lives are so short and they live them in fear. It must be horrendous to live each day wondering if it’s your last.”

“It’s good that we’re not human, then.” Leki smiled before taking a bite from John’s arm. With her mouth full, she added, “We pop in for a snack here and there, and they can’t do anything to stop it.”

“Isn’t that so awful, though?” Sally popped out an eye from John’s skull, contemplating it a moment.

“It’s just the way it is. Would you rather become a cannibal?”

Sally shuddered at the thought, putting his head on the ground to come sit against Leki. She intertwined her fingers with the long claws of Leki’s free hand as she ate. It was messy, but Leki didn’t mind.

“I wouldn’t. I couldn’t bear the thought of killing another monster – let alone eating them!”

Leki was quiet for a moment while she ate. Then, turning to her beautiful girlfriend and wiping her mouth, she said, “Me either.”

Sally smiled at Leki, reaching up to wipe some blood from around her girlfriend’s wonderfully demonic mouth and smudging it with a trail of green instead. “Let’s banish these thoughts, then, and eat. I don’t want to spoil our date!”

Leki chuckled, dropping the meal to wrap Sally in her long, strong arms. She loved her soft and slimey girlfriend. “Then let’s have ourselves a good meal and a good time!” She gave her a quick peck on the cheek, making Sally giggle.

And they did eat and have a good time, all thanks to John.