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Free To Read on the Web

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Moonstone (2020)

Stealing an artifact is easy enough. However, Sonbri finds some unexpected trouble trying to sell the old magical item.

Short Stories

The Void Between Stars (2017)

13 diverse stories, set anywhere from the nearest city to the furthest stars. Join Sol and Luna as they travel to Theta Lemenia to terraform the planet and start over. Read about Mortemer and the strange power he possesses. Find out which girl Elaine finally chooses in the end. Will Victoria spend the night alone at a grand ball, or does she stumble upon love? Join these characters and more on their journeys from Earth and beyond!

Six of the thirteen stories are available to read for free below.


The Sunfolk
Luna and Sol, two young wixes, have travelled to Theta Lemenia to terraform the planet and start anew

The Subtleties of Fans
Victoria is attending a vintage-style ball, high in the sky, looking for romance

Fantasy / Romance

Love in the Afterlife
Corvid, Chiclid, and Labrid discover love in their afterlives – together

The Choice
Elaine is given an ultimatum


Kill them with Kindness
Mortemer has a peculiar type of power that gets him tangled in a mess with the city’s Heroes

Cursed Islands
River has a chance encounter with a creature of myth and yearns to know if it was a dream or not

Monster Month (2018)

NOTE: These stories are being removed at the end of October. You can find them bundled up on my itch page for PWYW until Novemeber, or $2.99USD.

5 short stories, all horror focused. Join two monster ladies on a date, or a ghostly encounter at ungodly hours of the morning. Perhaps, you’d like to know how Lou Pines’ night went?

Take a look, if you dare…

A Slippery Slope

Sally and Leki enjoy a nice date

Signed in Blood

Graham encounters a mysterious shadow

A Witch’s Curse

Jamie’s wandering in the woods earns a strange visit

Ghostly Encounters

You’re driving at ungodly hours and – wait, what’s in the mirror?

The Terrible Night

Lou Pines has a terrible night


Sigillea is a hybrid Sci-fi/Fantasy adventure. There are 3 planned parts, and the world building is still currently ongoing. It explores themes of found family, trauma, heroism, etc.

More Information on this Upcoming Project

Prince of the Sea (2019)

(TW: Transphobia, manipulation, misgendering) Emilod’s discussion with his parents doesn’t go as planned

Manipulated (2019)

(TW: Child abuse, violence, child slavery) Mytra endures the attentions of their aedir after training

Walking Between Waters (2018)

(TW: Violence) Emilod finds himself with a choice

Silver and Topaz (2018)

Sheo and Chevaw help Eslafi prepare for a special occasion

The Moment (2018)

(TW: Assault) Time lingers before an attack

Flash Fiction

Red Eyes (2018)

A mysterious Tarot reading with some rattie friends.

Book (2017)

A very gay reflection

To Light Your Path (2017)

The small light that companionship can bring

Escapist (2017)

Alizar makes an escape.