Book (2017)

Book (2017)

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The book hit the ground with a loud slap, landing cover-side up and catching the attention of everyone around me. I felt a blush rising in my cheeks. Great. I was only trying to exit the store with my coffee without incident.

Instead, my book flew from my clumsy hands to hit the ground with a good old high-five. I sigh, bend over, reach for the book and–

Our fingers touch and I jerk back. I look up to see whose arm is attached to the hand reaching for the same book I just dropped. The arm is slender, dark skin with a dusting of dark brown hair. Following the arm to the shoulder, I finally gaze at her face. She’s smiling.

“Sorry,” she says, her voice like heaven. She scoops up the book before I can recover and holds it out to me. “This is yours, I think?”

I nod. It’s all I can do. She’s beautiful– and I am so incredibly gay.