Some Quick Announcements

Some Quick Announcements

First! At the end of the month, the free version of Folktales will be removed. If you want to read the first draft, now is your chance! It’ll be gone soon!

Second! The Void Between Stars will be getting a PDF version! This will be released ASAP! Hopefully it will be up on my spotlight at very soon!

Third! Which is related to the second! I will be removing some of the free versions of the stories in The Void Between Stars. I have yet to decide what is going to stay, but most of the first drafts will not be available past the books birthday.

Fourth! My shift in focus. With my focus on short stories this past year and a half, I found myself growing further and further from wanting to work on my long WIPs. My novel Opposing Magics specifically. My focus is going to shift back to longer peices like OM or Sigillea, with flash fiction and short stories on the side. I’ve loved writing short stories for this last while, but I feel the need to return to novel writing. This is definitely not the end of my short peices! They just won’t occur as often.

That’s it! Have a good weekend everyone!

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