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Twitter is where Tia shitposts, vents, and advertises the most. If you want to find other authors, see incoherent ranting about publishing industry drama, and connect one-on-one with memes, Twitter is where to find them. Don’t be shy about reaching out with questions, either!


This is where you’ll find the most up-to-date information about author projects and new shop items! You can support through the shop and by donation, both are very appreciated!


Facebook is for discussion with the community and readers they’ve built, as well as updates. Not exactly the most active of their socials, there’s a plan to reinvigorate the space in mid-2022. Feel free to reach out to contact Tia personally here in the meantime, too!

Sometimes, you’ll find Tia doing game development on as Hydromer. You can find some really neat LARPs, TTRPGs, or video games! Occasionally there’s bundles or sales there. Mostly, they’re proud of their narrative video games like the free Twine game ASH or free bitsy game Agnete, and the 3-person LARP called POSSESSION v.0.1. If you have the time, check it out!

Pet Frenzy Community

Pet Frenzy Community Contributor

Tia Liet is also a contributor to Pet Frenzy Community! You can read about cat care and their rescue kitten Charcoal, or browse the site and get some neat pet tips from the other contributors!

Taking Your Rescue Kitten Home
Introducing Your Cat To Another Cat
What Human Food Can Cats Eat