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I’m going to be blunt; I need to take care.

I have been in self-isolation for 20 days now. It’s been hard. I’m depressed, I’m anxious, and I’m stressed. None of these things is conducive to getting a damn thing done, especially when I’m living from panic attack to panic attack.

My life revolves around keeping my loved ones safe. I would rather inconvenience myself until the summer than see them die a slow death on a respirator – or not even that, since they’ve got underlying health problems.

I haven’t been able to read anything in a month, so my reviews will need to stop for now. They will still go up in the order I promised… Just not when I promised. However, Moonstone was completed and scheduled a while ago, so that will still be released on Patreon every month until the end of the year.

So, I’m taking care of myself with a little time off. This is for me to recover. This is to work on things I want to work on. This is for me to just be. It’s self-care.

Thank you for understanding.

Do your part and stay home whenever you can. Slow the spread and flatten the curve. Please.

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