Review: California Skies by Ennis Bashe

Review: California Skies by Ennis Bashe

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California Skies: A Review

A silhouette of a horse and a girl against a yellow cloudy sky. There are flower outlines in black and blue along the top and bottom. Text in the middle in cursive reads 'California Skies' and below the silhouettes is the author's name, 'Ennis Bashe.'
California Skies by Ennis Bashe

Bandits Came Looking …

 “Bandits came looking for the legendary emeralds belonging to Maggie’s family, killing her older brother and scarring her face. She can’t change the past, but finding the jewels will help her injured sister recover. In need of reliable muscle, she goes to an old friend of her brother’s: tough-as-nails nonbinary bounty hunter California Talbot.

While Maggie expected hard roads and violence, given the tragedy that provoked the journey, she wasn’t expecting the bar fights, snakes, and bandits to be the easy part—and the difficult part to be a growing attraction to someone who’d surely never love her in return.”

Reading this again was like a sigh of relief. This was the first book I personally read with an openly non-binary character. I’ve come to read more of those, but I always find myself remembering this book the most. I cried both times I’ve read this cover-to-cover, and I definitely recommend a tissue or two!

The Finer Points of the Review


I loved the plot. It was a well done adventure with a bunch of mutual pining, set somewhere in the Wild West. Maggie and her family’s diamonds were very much the focal item. I found one scene in particular hard to follow because it was so sudden and it was a bit choppy in other places, but it served the story well. The ending was especially cute, after everything was tied up. It’s fairly short, so that’s really all I can say about it without giving a bunch away!


Maggie and California were the stars. They were rounded out, wonderful characters. Maggie was an heiress and California was an orphan. Maggie’s love of writing and California’s strange fashion were so cute. They jumped off the page, creating a great story. Boone only made a short appearance in a flashback and it was heartbreaking,  so break out the tissue box.
My only complaint was that the villains felt flat and distant, perhaps a bit too suddenly introduced.


Overall, I love this story and I love these characters. Like I mentioned, this was the first I read with an openly non-binary character in it, so it holds a special place in my heart.
This story gets 4.5/5

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