Re-release: The Red Journal

Re-release: The Red Journal

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The Red Journal Second Edition by Tia Liet

The story, a sapphic love story told through journal entries, takes the reader on a sweet adventure through Calgary. Tucker, the narrator, finds the red journal on the train and feels entitled to read it. What he finds inside changes him.

The cover for the THE RED JOURNAL.

Now re-released with a brand-new cover!

“Tucker found it on the train. It was a small, red, hardcover book, tattered at the edges with a broken spine, hardly looking like much anymore; well used.[…]”
“Enraptured, inside he finds a broken heart, a journey of healing, and a love story.”

Synopsis of The Red Journal by Tia Liet

On Sale!

You can purchase this second edition title from a number of retailers, including Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble. This link will update as more stores become available:

As well, if you are a reviewer or blogger, you can request a free review copy at any time.

Right now, THE RED JOURNAL’s second edition is on sale for 50% off, or, $1.50! However, this sale ends on February 14th, 2020, so hurry!

Is The Red Journal #OwnVoices?

Is it #ownvoices (#OV)?

I’m bisexual, lived in Calgary, and thought I might be a girl once. There’s elements of my own self in this piece, though I hesitate to call it specifically #OV because of a number of other things.

For example, I’m ace-spectrum as well as bisexual. I no longer live in Calgary. I no longer think I might be a girl. Do these things disqualify The Red Journal from being #ownvoices? Probably not. I’m not the ID police.

But I think for now, it’s not exactly #ownvoices. It IS queer, a love story, and set in a place dear to my heart. But it’s not #ownvoices because it doesn’t describe my own voice any more.

Still, I hope this is a story everyone can enjoy!

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