Out of Hiatus and Patreon (again)

Hey, so I’ve started up a Patreon again if you want to check that out:


And in May, I’ll be returning to the writing game! I’ve got some things I want to share since I’ve been on break! And the place I’m going to be doing that is on my Patreon. It’ll be a feed of exclusive notes, and first looks at my Finished Projects (whether that’s a side project or a big project).

There’ll be extra treats every once in a while, too!

Anyway, see you in May!

Mx. Tia Liet is a white, disabled, mentally ill, queer, nonbinary trans person. They are an adult that writes Speculative Fiction and sometimes Romance, with queer twists. Their first book, The Void Between Stars, published in 2017. Since then, they’ve published Folktales, The Red Journal, and other various flash fiction pieces.

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