Other Fiction

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Other fiction and upcoming projects by Tia Liet, including flash fiction, short stories, serials, anthologies, zines, etc.

Late 2021

Staying Dead: Flash Fiction

a picture of a skull made of smoke. The words 'Staying Dead: Flash Fiction' are superimposed on top, with the bottom reading 'Tia Liet'

10 flash stories to whet your deathly appetite.

TW: Human death, animal death, hospitals, human flesh consumption, bodily injury, murder.

  • Rotten: A young witch finds something in the forest.
  • Signed In Blood: Graham encounters a mysterious shadow.
  • Awoken: Something smells… delicious.
  • Machine: Rube Goldberg would be impressed.
  • A Slippery Slope: Sally and Leki enjoy a nice date, thanks to John.
  • A Witch’s Curse: Jamie wandering through the woods encounters a strange visitor.
  • Easy: Friends don’t let friends fall into tombs.
  • The Terrible Night: Lou Pines has a very terrible night.
  • Red Eyes: A quick tarot reading.
  • Ghostly Encounters: You’re driving at ungodly hours and – wait, what’s that in your mirror?

Coming October 1, 2021

Horror Zine

You find a letter that makes you stop in your tracks.

The title is a play on the idea of having a name that’s dead to you, specifically in the vein of being transgender. Dead Name is a 900 word horror flash fiction story written in second person.

Will be available as a physical zine for a limited print run.

TW: Transphobia, deadnaming

Coming late 2021