Other Fiction

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Flash Serial

Sonbri finds herself being mugged by someone familiar. When she returns to Midon for help, things get messy.

Moonstone part 2 is an experimental fantasy story about disaster bisexual Sonbri Baar, continuing after the end of Moonstone Part 1. Each individual section is exactly 150 words, stitching together into a larger, queer narrative.

Coming 2021

Horror Shorts

You find a letter that makes you stop in your tracks.

Dead Name is a 900 word flash fiction story written in second person. It plays on the phrase ‘deadnaming.’

Coming 2021

Superhero Novella

Shakespeare once described how to kill someone with kindness, through Petruchio in the Taming of the Shrew.”

Mortemer is just a regular guy, trying to live a regular life. Mostly. He’s got a power that makes having friends as hard as it can be; kindness kills.

A short Novella-length story written in third person with a reluctant hero. It’s a rewrite of a shorter piece with a similar name, that you can still read online for a little longer.