Moonstone: November

Moonstone: November

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Part 10

“A supplement?”


Staring at this mysterious woman, I wondered what it might be. My soul? My firstborn child? Weren’t those things that witches loved? Finally, I asked, “What supplement is that?”

Her blush deepened and she did a cute spin on the spot, looking over her shoulder at me. “Well, I’m taking a magical item off your hands, so it has to be an appropriate exchange. I could part with at least ten gold coin, but I still want something more.”

I nodded, understanding nothing of how witches worked. “What do you want?”

“A kiss.”

I greeted her proposal with silence. What else could I do? Witches worked in mysterious ways, maybe she would steal my soul with the kiss. Another part of me, the foolish girl in me, wanted to test the waters. Would a kiss lead elsewhere?

I swallowed. “Well… I don’t know…”

“Oh, please say yes!”

To be continued in December…

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