Moonstone: December

Moonstone: December

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Part 11

I stood nervously at the counter downstairs, fiddling with the moonstone. I didn’t know if I wanted to part with it just yet, but I couldn’t place just why I wanted to keep it. It was just hard to part with. Perhaps it was enchanted, to keep from getting lost among rubble again.

My thoughts were interrupted by Midon slapping down a handful of coin on the counter, the noise ringing in my ears a moment.

“Here,” she said, watching me through thick lashes. “I’m going to need a name for my records.”

“Oh.” I hadn’t thought of that. “Sonbri Baar.”

She jotted the name down in a logbook, then paused, staring at her handwriting. Then, turning to me, she asked, “The same Sonbri Baar that stole Soulsilver, Chalice of the Fallen?”

I was glad she had returned my knives. My fingers itched to unsheath them, but I held steady.

To be concluded in January…

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