May’s Newsletter and Other Things

May’s Newsletter and Other Things

For May’s Newsletter, you can expect a coupon code for TiaLietBooks! For the month of June, you can get 20% off all Etsy products! There will also be a short excerpt from the upcoming experimental short story Moonstone!

The Red Journal will be coming in June as well, as a PDF and a limited print run of paperbacks! You can get them on Etsy!

July will be The Void Between Stars’ book birthday! You will be able to grab a copy for 15% off for all of July and August on Etsy! 6 of the 13 short stories will remain available to read for free on my website, but the rest will be coming down at that time. Read what you can while you’re able!

And over on Twitter, you can read about my two novel-length Works in Progress over there. I participated in a month-long twitter tag game called #LGBTWIP, posting each day about both Opposing Magics and Sigillea, you can read the tweets here! Sigillea also saw a Wattpad story spring up! You can find it over here!

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