March and Patreon Rewards: Changes to Reviews

March and Patreon Rewards: Changes to Reviews

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It’s the middle of the month!

Yes, I know. I’m a little late on this whole thing, but with the current state of the world, I’ve been busy. I’m going to continue to be busy for a while, and for that, you have my apology. Everything will continue to roll out as planned, but other extras will have to wait this time.

Now, those normal rewards for Patrons will continue to come. However, I’m doing something a little different in regards to rolling out reviews. Moonstone will continue to be released in 150 word chunks, uninterrupted.


A picture of dark rocks in a circle frame. One rock is white towards the bottom right, and there's text superimposed that reads 'Moonstone'.

Moonstone will continue along Sonbri’s adventure to figure out what to do with this apparently-useless moonstone. However, maybe a place called ‘Curious and Curiosities’ can help?

You can find the series as it unfolds on Patreon.


So, on to the Reviews. So far, I’ve posted reviews for Ennis Bashe’s California Skies and Brooklyn Ray’s Darkling (Port Lewis Witches #1). These were announced the month I was doing them, as I was starting to read them.

However, I don’t want to keep quiet about what I’ll be reviewing in the next few months. It doesn’t seem fair. So, I’m going to share what I have lined up for the next few months.

Lineup of Reviews

Love Bites by Magen Cubed reviewed March 2020.

“Dorian Villeneuve wasn’t known for good ideas. Agreeing to hunt monsters with a hot guy he just met probably wasn’t going down as one of his better moments.”

The story of how a down-and-out vampire from Devil’s Row meets the man of his dreams, who just happens to be a monster hunter. (It’s complicated.) LOVE BITES is the prequel to LEATHER AND LACE, the next in the SOUTHERN GOTHIC series of monster romance fiction, appearing in TWISTED ROMANCE #1 from Image Comics.

This queer monster romance short story is approximately 6,000 words. Please note: contains elements of violence and horror.

Love Bites Synopsis from Amazon

Coffee Boy by Austin Chant reviewed April 2020.

After graduation, Kieran expected to go straight into a career of flipping burgers—only to be offered the internship of his dreams at a political campaign. But the pressure of being an out trans man in the workplace quickly sucks the joy out of things, as does Seth, the humorless campaign strategist who watches his every move.

Soon, the only upside to the job is that Seth has a painful crush on their painfully straight boss, and Kieran has a front row seat to the drama. But when Seth proves to be as respectful and supportive as he is prickly, Kieran develops an awkward crush of his own—one which Seth is far too prim and proper to ever reciprocate.

Coffee Boy is a contemporary trans M/M romance novella starring a snarky millennial protagonist, a grouchy bisexual love interest, and assorted workplace hijinks.

Coffee Boy Synopsis from Austin Chant’s Website

Robins in the Night by Dajo Jago reviewed May 2020.

Legends speak of a man named Robin Hood.

They talk of his valiant deeds, of his courageous feats, of his noble exploits. They talk of how this man, this single man, stole from the rich and gave to the poor. They speak of his merry men, and of his bow and arrow, and his green tunic. They speak of him in hushed, reverent tones. They speak of him in loud, exuberant chants. They speak of him in story books.

The legends are, as is to be expected, fundamentally wrong.

Set in Knottwood, a small city in an alternate timeline Earth, this is the story of a transgender woman named Marian Stoke.

Robins in the Night from Amazon

Their Troublesome Crush by Xan West reviewed June 2020.

In this queer polyamorous m/f romance novella, two metamours realize they have crushes on each other while planning their shared partner’s birthday party together.

Ernest, a Jewish autistic demiromantic queer fat trans man submissive, and Nora, a Jewish disabled queer fat femme cis woman switch, have to contend with an age gap, a desire not to mess up their lovely polyamorous dynamic as metamours, the fact that Ernest has never been attracted to a cis person before, and the reality that they are romantically attracted to each other, all while planning their dominant’s birthday party and trying to do a really good job.

This low conflict foodie romance novella by Xan West includes a queer trans man/cis woman romance, forced proximity and friends to lovers tropes, and polyamorous, demiromantic, bisexual, pansexual, trans, Jewish, fat, autistic, disabled, diabetic, PTSD and depression representation.

Their Troublesome Crush from Xan West’s Website

Knit one, Girl two by Shira Glassman reviewed July 2020.

Small-batch independent yarn dyer Clara Ziegler is eager to brainstorm new color combinations–if only she could come up with ideas she likes as much as last time! When she sees Danielle Solomon’s paintings of Florida wildlife by chance at a neighborhood gallery, she finds her source of inspiration. Outspoken, passionate, and complicated, Danielle herself soon proves even more captivating than her artwork…

Fluffy Jewish f/f contemporary set in the author’s childhood home of South Florida

Knit one, Girl two from Amazon


Moonstone will still come by at the end of the month with 150 words of wonder, while some new reviews loom on the horizon.

So, please consider supporting my work through Patreon. It makes this kind of stuff possible.


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