Killing Them With Kindness and Some Flash Fiction

Killing Them With Kindness and Some Flash Fiction

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Kill Them With Kindness

There’s a short story on my website called Kill Them With Kindness, about Mortemer and his unfortunate powers. When I initially wrote it, it was meant to be flash fiction. I put myself under restrictions that were pretty strict and therefore never developed the story in a way I liked.

I wanted to know the world better, and I never got the chance to explore very far with the idea. That is going to change.

So, that means that right now Kill Them With Kindness is being reworked.

For now, the story that inspired it will remain online. I’ll post updates periodically. When I’m ready to release the novella into the wild, you’ll all be the first to know!

Storyteller: Flash Fiction

An open book lays flat in the middle with black bars above and below. Above, the text reads "Storyteller: Flash Fiction", and the text below reads "Tia Liet".

Now, I’m a fan of short fiction. I try to read a lot of it, because I can’t always digest longer works when I want to. Short form is also tricky to work with, but I absolutely love reading and working with it.

That said, I have a collection of flash fiction on itch for Pay What You Want. Each of the stories is a little gay in some way or another, and it’s available now to purchase or download. Two shorts are exclusive to this package!

The stories inside are:

  • Book, a very gay reflection
  • Coffee, four sugary words
  • To Light Your Path, the small light that companionship can bring
  • Red Eyes, a mysterious tarot reading with some rattie friends
  • Escapist, Alizar makes an escape
  • Violets, her favourite flower was violets

Queer Flash Fiction

I also want to start reading more flash fiction in my life. I want to read more queer flash fiction in my life.

I’m looking for suggestions over on Twitter! Do you have something short, between 10 and 1,000 words preferably, but up to 2,000 words? Do you want more eyes on it? Self-promote yourself!

Here’s the thread:

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