January 2020 and beyond – Patreon

January 2020 and beyond – Patreon

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Hello everyone, I’ve just recently made some changes to my Patreon and I would like to share!
First, I’m writing some reviews! Second, I’m releasing a 12 part experimental short story called Moonstone. Third, I’ve changed my tiers from 1$, 3$, and 5$ pledges to just 1$ and 6$. This makes things a little easier to track.
A Patreon Tier picture of a grey rat with text superimposed on top that reads: Pinkies 1$+ Tier
1$ Tier
A Patreon tier picture of a white rat with text superimposed on top that reads: Ratties 6$+ Tier
6$ Tier

From Patreon:

Starting in January, I’m going to be doing a few new things.

Firstly, reviews! Every month in 2020, I’m reviewing something I read in 2019 and loved. I’m going to post these reviews on Patreon a week before crossposting to Goodreads, Amazon, and my website. The lineup of books will all be smaller press or independently published authors, with queer casts or themes.

The first review will be of California Skies by Ennis Bashe, so look forward to hearing about that!

Secondly, at the end of each month I’ll be posting sections of an experimental short called Moonstone as a Patreon Exclusive. Each section is exactly 150 words, but it weaves into a larger (queer) narrative. If you pledge 1$ or more per month, you’ll get access to read it as it comes out!

Third, I would like to point out that my tiers have changed slightly. I now offer a 1$ tier for access to everything I post, and a 6$ tier if you want a special thanks and/or a critique of up to 6,000 words of a story you’ve written in any genre. More information about this will become available as I figure things out. Feel free to DM me with questions and concerns.

So, January 2020 will look a little like this:

  • 1 Review
  • 150 words of Moonstone
  • Notes from Opposing Magics

I hope y’all have a great holiday season and I’ll see you in the new year!


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