It’s been a while


So, the last thing I announced was the re-release of The Red Journal, with a shiny new cover! Sadly, that didn’t happen. I still have a new cover, I just haven’t had any money to get the proof copy! Or, any copies, really.

See, the problem with publishing on your own is that you spend a lot of your own money. I spend more money than is feasible on getting a proof copy made and shipped every time I make something like a new cover. So, this time, I’m holding off. I’ve been hoping that I would make just enough for another proof copy, but that hasn’t happened yet.

So, instead of releasing The Red Journal with a new cover, I’ve been working on other things. Some of it I’ve talked about on my Patreon, like the short TTRPG ‘You’re a Tree’ and such.

In time, things will pick up.

Thank you for being patient. Love all y’all.

Mx. Tia Liet is a white, disabled, mentally ill, queer, nonbinary trans person. They are an adult that writes Speculative Fiction and sometimes Romance, with queer twists. Their first book, The Void Between Stars, published in 2017. Since then, they’ve published Folktales, The Red Journal, and other various flash fiction pieces.

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