Horror Reader Interest Form

Horror Reader Interest Form

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Hey, so I’m looking for interest in becoming a beta reader for a new horror novelette called 6 Westwood Drive, and a piece of flash fiction called Dead Name. I’m not contacting anyone until late August to give people time to decide. This interest form will remain active until I’ve found enough beta readers.

Beta Reading

Are you a quick reader, good at giving feedback, or just want to tell me how much you hate/love the characters? Are you able to pick up on the subtle themes and not-so-subtle themes of short fiction? Do you like catching symbolism? Can you write an email?

If that’s you, please read on!

What a beta reader does is provide feedback on the basics of the story. Is it well written? Is there flow problems? Are themes evident enough? Are the characters likeable? Beta readers give the first pass on the writing before it goes to edits.

What a beta reader doesn’t do is line edits, grammar structure, fact-checking, or anything like that. Those things are left to an editor, or someone who has experience in those fields.

If you’d like to beta read, though, please continue!

Jump to the form.

6 Westwood Drive

A photo of a brick building with a title superimposed along the top that reads "6 Westwood Drive" with a subtitle of "Tia Liet." The whole picture is purple toned. In the background of the middle window is a silhouetted figure.

Samantha Dam, a young nonbinary woman, has moved to a new home. At first, she thinks it’s the perfect little fixer-upper to make her life in. However, it’s not always love at first sight…

A horror novelette, 6 Westwood Drive is about love at first sight. It’s about a haunted house. It’s about a nonbinary woman with paranoia and anxiety and panic attacks.

Specifically, I would like for readers to have some base knowledge of at least these three (3) things:

  • nonbinary gender(s)
  • paranoia
  • panic attacks and anxiety

These things are central to understanding either the characters, their motivations, or the story itself.

I’m finally at the point of writing and reworking this piece that I’d like some feedback. If you’re interested, you can find the reader interest form at the bottom of this post.

Dead Name

A photo of a pile of letters. The top stamp has three wavy lines. None of the names or addresses are fully visible. On the bottom is a grey bar that reads "Dead Name by Tia Liet"

You find a letter that makes you stop in your tracks.

Dead Name is a 900 word flash fiction story written in second person. It plays on the phrase ‘deadnaming.’ Because this is a heavy topic to write and read about, I ask that anyone interested to please take a long moment to decide if you’re up to read something like this. The main character, ‘you,’ is deadnamed, but no deadname is written on the page.

I would like for readers to at least have a base knowledge in these things:

  • transgender people
  • what deadnaming is

If you’re interested in beta reading, then you can find the form for both 6 Westwood Drive and Dead Name below.

The Reader Interest Form

This form is for gauging interest. You won’t be contacted until late August about if you’ve been selected or not.

The form has been removed. Thank you for your participation!

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