Character Introductions


Lily Martin

Lily Martin

  • Theme song: Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith, cover by Sunny Choi

Lily Martin is a young White cis woman (she/her). She’s unemployed, studying Humanities at UBC. She’s still in the closet to her family as a lesbian. Her favourite part of the day is noon and she loves eating cotton candy. Her magic colour is light blue.

Kayli Latka

Kayli Latka

  • Theme song: Fire by Jena Gogo

Kayli Latka is a young white-passing First Nations cis woman (she/her). She’s unemployed and not in school, living with her adoptive white parents. They know she’s a lesbian and loves her. Kayli’s favourite part of the day is late at night, and she loves creepy-cute things. Her magic colour is dark purple.


Daniel Borde

Daniel Borde

Daniel Borde is an older White French-Canadian cis man (he/him). He’s straight as can be, working in the business sector and ex-military. He loves to fish and adores the mornings. His magic is white.

Ethan Hayes

Ethan Hayes

Ethan Hayes is a young Irish-Canadian cis bisexual man (he/him). He lives with Daniel and his family thinks he’s dead from an overdose. While he loves the rush of adrenaline, he’ll often sleep in and miss exciting events because his favourite part of the day is midnight. Magic colour is green.

Side Characters


Tom is a Pubjabi bisexual trans person (they/them). They’re a business major but Tom also works in food service. Their family is incredibly supportive of their life decisions, even though they don’t agree with food service as work as a whole. Tom’s favourite part of the day is dusk, and craves texture, and so loves burlap-sack art. He has no magic.


Taylor is a White bisexual cis man (he/him). His major is undeclared, and he’s currently stuck between jobs. He isn’t out to his family and doesn’t think he ever will be. He loves art deco windows and twilight hours.