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October is Monster Month! We’re reaching the end of the first week of October now, and that means that some spooky reads are coming your way for Halloween! Over on, Monster Month is up for Pay What You Want for the rest of October! That means that after the month is finished, I’ll be removing the stories from here and the collection will be available to buy for $2.99 USD. The stories included in Monster Month are A Slippery Slope, Signed in Blood, A Witches Curse, Ghostly Encounters, and The Terrible Night. These stories will not continue to be available to read on my website after Halloween. Content warnings are provided in the beginning of the book. Dead Things Galore! A short story called Dead Name will be coming toward Halloween, too! I put out a call a few months ago for beta readers. So, thank you to everyone…

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Kill Them With Kindness There’s a short story on my website called Kill Them With Kindness, about Mortemer and his unfortunate powers. When I initially wrote it, it was meant to be flash fiction. I put myself under restrictions that were pretty strict and therefore never developed the story in a way I liked. I wanted to know the world better, and I never got the chance to explore very far with the idea. That is going to change. So, that means that right now Kill Them With Kindness is being reworked. For now, the story that inspired it will remain online. I’ll post updates periodically. When I’m ready to release the novella into the wild, you’ll all be the first to know! Storyteller: Flash Fiction Now, I’m a fan of short fiction. I try to read a lot of it, because I can’t always digest longer works when I…

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Prince of the Sea has a release! You can download the PDF from Patreon, or read it online on Wattpad. You can also find the links at the bottom of the page here. It’s a very emotionally driven story, about Prince Emilod as he speaks to his parents about his title. It’s about being transgender, as Emilod is a trans man. The story contains warnings for: transphobia, misgendering, and manipulation. The story revolves around a trans man. This pivotal conversation with his parents about his title is a turning point in his life. He currently goes by the feminine title, Vines, and wants to change to the masculine Vinev. This is a story about how he comes to exile himself.

There’s a short story about Sigillea coming to Patreon on Wednesday! If you’re supporting my page, you’ll get to see it immediately! Otherwise, it will become public soon! The short story is about Mytra Agantis, and comes with content warnings for child abuse, child slavery, and violence. The story is a scene in which Mytra and their Aedir are interacting after training. If that’s not your jam, don’t worry, there will be other things in the future that aren’t so heavy! You can read it here. Have a good weekend, everyone!