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Main Characters – Protagonists Lily Martin and Kayli Latka The main characters of Opposing Magics are two young women just entering their 20’s for the first time. Though they’ve never met before this trip, Kayli and Lily’s lives are intertwined in a deeply profound way. They’re Soulmates! Lily is a Canadian White cis lesbian woman (she/her) who isn’t out to her parents yet. She wants to go on this cabin trip with her friends because she feels disconnected from the group and yearns for real closeness. Kayli is a White-passing First Nations cis lesbian woman (she/her). Her adopted family knows she’s a lesbian and supports her. She wanted to go on this trip because it sounded like partying and fun, and she’s impulsive. Main Characters – Antagonists Daniel Borde and Ethan Hayes The main antagonists of Opposing Magics are a pair of Soulmates with a nasty streak. Daniel Borde is…

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