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Cradled in Space (2018)

Space Engineer Cradle Spanner has a job to do.

(available to read in Impact: Queer Sci Fi’s Fifth Annual Flash Fiction Contest) [ | ]

Bodies of Water (2019)

The program that watches over the new Theta Vili colony, Uisce, wakes the crew and laments a lack of physical form.

(available to read in ENBY Magazine: Issue #5 Bodies) [ Pre-order ]

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The Void Between Stars

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Manipilated [ Patreon | Wattpad ] (TW: Child abuse, violence, child slavery)
Prince of the Sea [ Patreon | Wattpad ] (TW: Transphobia, manipulation, misgendering)

Independently Published

The Void Between Stars (2017)

13 diverse stories, set anywhere from the nearest city to the furthest stars. Join Sol and Luna as they travel to Theta Lemenia to terraform the planet and start over. Read about Mortemer and the strange power he possesses. Find out which girl Elaine finally chooses in the end. Will Victoria spend the night alone at a grand ball, or does she stumble upon love? Join these characters and more on their journeys from Earth and beyond!


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Folktales (2018)

A short story.

Nova Amin thinks she’s spotted a mermaid. When she tries to tell her best friend about it, she gets nothing but disbelief. So, she sets off to find the truth.

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The Red Journal (2018)

Tucker found it on the train. It was a small, red, hardcover book, tattered at the edges with a broken spine, hardly looking like much anymore; well used. The lock on it was broken, the clasp sliding out easily. Enraptured, inside he finds a broken heart, a journey of healing, and a love story.

A contemporary romance novelette.


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