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A picture of queer author Tia Liet, facing the camera. Their hair is blond, with dark rimmed, rectangular glasses with a bit of reflection on them. They're white, with strong eyebrows, a nose ring, and two piercings on the lower left side of their mouth.Mx. Tia Liet is a white settler, disabled, mentally ill, queer, non-binary, trans person. They’re crafty and artsy and witchy, living in the magic of every day. Landscapes are their favourite things to paint, and they can sketch hands for hours. Dabbling in photography, game design, and programming as the mood strikes them, Tia likes to find balance between creativity and technicality.

They’ve been writing for as long as they can remember. Whether that was scribbling in notebooks or on napkins, on breaks, or under tables, they’re always writing. In fact, they once won an award for Writing While Hiking during Kangaroo Court at a kids’ camp. They’re a writer that loves Speculative Fiction of all kinds, but they gravitate toward Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. Sometimes they write Contemporary Romance, too. Everything is queer and nothing hurts (usually).

They grew up in Western Canada, among the trees and lakes of the Okanagan. Once, they lived with a bear next door, with a llama, sheep, and goat in their backyard, while a huge fire raged across the lake. For a while, Tia also lived in Alberta, seeing the Rocky Mountains from afar, just outside of Calgary. Now, they live in the bustling Greater Toronto Area, rescuing squirrels and kittens. It’s much more peaceful these days.

Tia’s first book, The Void Between Stars, was published independently in 2017. Since then, they’ve published Folktales, The Red Journal, and various other flash fiction pieces. You can find information about all these works here.

You can find them elsewhere on the web, such as on Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes, you’ll also find them doing game development on Itch.io as Hydromer.

Tia Liet is also a contributor to Pet Frenzy Community as Milo! You can read about cat care and their rescue kitten Charcoal there!

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