A Short Serial; Moonstone

A Short Serial; Moonstone

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A picture of dark grey rocks with a lighter grey rock to the bottom right. Superimposed on the picture is text that reads "Moonstone"


This story was originally being released on Patreon, but I’m making the decision to shut it down. That means that Moonstone has found a new home on my website!

Patreon itself will probably not be an avenue I pursue in the future. I’ve tried twice with it, and neither times have I had success. I’m sure it’s a great avenue for other writers, it’s just not for me.

The Story

Stealing an artifact is easy enough. However, Sonbri finds some unexpected trouble trying to sell the old magical item.

Moonstone is a story woven in twelve parts of 150 words. It tells the story of a young bisexual thief named Sonbri Baar. Sonbri has a reputation to uphold, and a magic rock to sell. She meets a mysterious shopkeeper on her adventure to sell her ill-gotten wares that enraptures her.

Will she be able to sell her stolen goods to a pretty lady like Midon?

Free to Read

This short, experimental Serial will be free to read. Part 7 has been released on Patreon, therefore up to Part 7 will be available to read here. However, the remaining 5 parts will be released per month, until the end of 2020.

You can begin reading now.

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