It’s been a while


So, the last thing I announced was the re-release of The Red Journal, with a shiny new cover! Sadly, that didn’t happen. I still have a new cover, I just haven’t had any money to get the proof copy! Or, any copies, really.

See, the problem with publishing on your own is that you spend a lot of your own money. I spend more money than is feasible on getting a proof copy made and shipped every time I make something like a new cover. So, this time, I’m holding off. I’ve been hoping that I would make just enough for another proof copy, but that hasn’t happened yet.

So, instead of releasing The Red Journal with a new cover, I’ve been working on other things. Some of it I’ve talked about on my Patreon, like the short TTRPG ‘You’re a Tree’ and such.

In time, things will pick up.

Thank you for being patient. Love all y’all.

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