Free Download on Patreon, and a Promo Pack on Etsy!

Project Planner pages
Worldbuilding Worksheets pages

Hello! May is here, and so are a few new things!

My Patreon is live, with a free download of the new product on Etsy if you’re supporting my work! For as low as $1, you can get a download of the Creative Project Planner and Worldbuilding Worksheets that I’m selling for $2.50CAD.

Not only that, but for just $1.50CAD, you can grab up the ebook Folktales, a short story about a Mermaid, for #MerMay! You can also get it in a Promo Pack! The pack is based around Monsters, so you can get both Monster Month and Staying Dead together with it for just $5!

Promo Pack cover

That’s it for now! Let the rest of your month be as great as you!

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