Release of Monster Month and some sad news…

So, because of a family tragedy, the release of Monster Month has been delayed a week. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get excited! I’ll be putting up the listing for the book soon on Etsy. You’ll still be able to grab a copy up until the end of the month, and perhaps a little longer than that! It’ll still come with a bookmark and stickers of the illustrations.

That means these listings will be added by the end of the week:

Monster Month + Staying Dead Combo Pack (eBook, contains .pdf and .epub files) for $4.49 CAD

Monster Month (eBook, contains .pdf and .epub files) for $3.99 CAD

Monster Month Book + Stickers and Bookmark (Physical book) for $5.99 CAD + Shipping

I’m still going forward with this because I know it’s what my grandmother would have wanted. She passed away on Monday. She was a strong woman and a great support and many people loved her and will miss her. Rest in Peace Grandma, your fight is over.

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