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IndigAThon and November Is Here!

A colourful background of light blue, red and yellow. On top is a white square titled IndigAThon 2020. There is a table of nine squares that reads: Intersectionality, New To You, Other Than 5CT, Middle Grade, Free Space, Buddy Read, Other Than US, Group Book, and Non-bookish media.

National Indigenous History Month November is National Indigenous History Month, and as such there is a read-a-thon hosted by Et Tu Brody? (Twitter | Youtube) and Thor.Wants.Another.Letter (Twitter | Youtube) called IndigAThon! A whole month of reading literature by Indigenous authors! I’m clearly excited about it, what about you? For the month of November, I’m […]

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Moonstone: November

A picture of dark grey rocks with a lighter grey rock to the bottom right. Superimposed on the picture is text that reads "Moonstone"

Catch up on Part 1 through Part 9 Part 10 “A supplement?” “Yes.” Staring at this mysterious woman, I wondered what it might be. My soul? My firstborn child? Weren’t those things that witches loved? Finally, I asked, “What supplement is that?” Her blush deepened and she did a cute spin on the spot, looking […]

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Killing Them With Kindness and Some Flash Fiction

An open book lays flat in the middle with black bars above and below. Above, the text reads "Storyteller: Flash Fiction", and the text below reads "Tia Liet".

Kill Them With Kindness There’s a short story on my website called Kill Them With Kindness, about Mortemer and his unfortunate powers. When I initially wrote it, it was meant to be flash fiction. I put myself under restrictions that were pretty strict and therefore never developed the story in a way I liked. I […]

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